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New Year 2015-2016 4 1, 10:01pm


1: There is a difference, what is "fun", what is "worthwhile/nice" and "interesting". It's like comparing sex, sauna and playing chess. I have rather complex system before something is "fun". Something that is fun, can very easily turned into "not fun" by small changes. Some things are fun only with right kind of person and something rather mundane can be fun if many small things are correct and there are no annoying side-prerequisites.

3. It depends what you call schoolshooting. To me, in schoolshooting, person is trying to randomly shoot everyone he sees. Incident you are referring to, was a bullied kid who wanted to vengefully kill just two of his bullies, and no one else. Fact that shooting just happened to take place in school was only logic, since that's where the bullies are quite certainly at a certain time. Outside schooltime, they can be anywhere, especially in 80's, when there was no internet.

4-5: This is precisely what I am talking about, what is "fun" and in what conditions. Everybody's started being a serious "that's dangerous/that's unhealthy" -Marge Simpson kind of people, lets just use the word "Maggie". You see, it's not even fun anymore to let loose your wild side, since modern times have turned everyone around me maggies. They don't want to party like they used to, because they are maggies. You can't anymore smoke anywhere inside, not in a home or a car, because of maggies newfound awareness that's it's unhealthy. And that takes the fun out of it. It's like using condom, kills all the joy. Or seatbelts at the backseat or not being able to talk to cellphone while driving. Fun is gone. Little by little, all the fun is killed from everything. I quit smoking not because I couldn't afford it, price of joy got too high and especially because joy was taken away. Try doing anything that you like doing indoors by going to cold dark balcony freezing your ass off. Let it be eating, sex, reading or whatever. What, no fun anymnore?! Well, neither is smoking. I quit bicycling for the same reason, maggies destroyed the traffic (and I don't like helmets). Just like in fireworks, it's nice to shoot friends with fireworks while they shoot back, fireworks war! :D But putting a goggles on, safely putting the little cracker on steady ground, lighting it up with safety lighter and moving away 12 meter and watching it say "pop" is not fun, that is just totally gay! :( (in the sense of lame, not homophopic way..) All fun is yet again killed. Like from everything in this sordid world.

In childhood, we just run and did stuff that was fun, in waterpark, in any parks, we didn't even notice that we are losing calories and getting in shape. But then, my friends grew up and turned into maggies. Nowadays, every sport is like being a hamster in a wheel. Swim back and forth X times and go to shower. Pump iron X times and go to shower. Run around the track round and round and go to shower. Trying to beat the own score last time... that is boring shit! Utter shit. No fun at all.

Oh, and you haven't seen the even the pictures of arcade hall if you think some f*cking gay little LAN-party with autistic nerds is "equivalent". There were giant machines, car games had actual seats, giant monitors size of a windshield, gearstick and steering wheel... machines with huge robotic arm to do the arm wrestle, pistols to shoot zombies in a big screen with a friend. It was heaven! Heaven, I tell you! :)

That's true that thanks to this changed maggie-world, where all fun is either forbidden or rendered so that all fun is killed, I am unable to find fun things to do anymore. I wonder when maggies forbid me walking on the street without safety poles and helmets, probably in 20 years. New laws are most easily passed when you say it's for safety. I don't want to be safe, I want to live. Living is dangerous and ends up in death 100% at time. There are no exceptions so far.

Robs parts of my consciousness? :) You know, that almost every major creative person in history was a drunk, pothead or a coke-fiend? :D Some partially, some utterly, like Karl Marx, who was in a little gentlemen's club, where there was a rule that every member must get in every meeting as drunk as they possibly can. Friedrich Nietzsche was one of those few very genius teetotalers, and hated alcohol, but he was unsuccessful in his lifetime and had a nervous breakdown and was mostly different ways sick all his life, and died at age 55. Winston Churchill died at age of 90 and he drank whiskey every day, smoked fat cigars every day and every now and them used amphetamines. Sigmund Freud was a morphine addict, died at age 83 to cancer (morphine is not carsinogen). No maggies were there to tell them how dangerously they are living.

I am not so "intent of smoking and getting drunk", it's not fun anymore. Neither is weed but sometimes it takes you through the rainy days and it can sometimes boost your verbal thinking. And sometimes mathematical thinking too, I never really understood Cauchy's integral theorem, before i took a fat joint and lay on the couch and had a serious mind-race.

I usually just stick to coffee. But South Park displayed it best, only thing that alcohol is good for nowadays. It's entering the matrix, where everything doesn't look, sound feel and taste just shit anymore. A couple good swigs of Jameson and everything feel warm and fuzzy and nice, music these days start to sound like music and even Adam Sandler is funny. :D