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New Year 2015-2016 7 1, 2:04am

@real-cool-cat about 3: you got a point there. If you define school shootings like that there really have been only two school shootings in Finland (according to Wikipedia), both during the 2000s.

Other than that it really boils down to personal opinion. I can't really say much if you don't enjoy what the world has to offer these days, it's your opinion. Though I'd have to add that some of the things you mentioned do still very much exist, it's just that it's usually kids and teenagers who do them. Kids still run around, adults do sports. I know enough teenagers who regularly get drunk. In fact, I sometimes feel like their entire existence revolves around alcohol (that's probably a bit of a hyperbole, though). At some point people tend to grow out of these behaviors (well, to a degree at last) and become, well, responsible.

The only thing I can recommend you is to find people that are the same kind of crazy like you. After all with 7 billion of us you're bound to have some luck ;)