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New Year 2015-2016 7 1, 2:54am

'@Criculann' What the world has to offer, is deadly cold (-24 celsius at the moment), dark, black and empty void with freezing gales when I step outside my apartment. When I breathe in, hairs in my nostrils freeze immediately. No people anywhere, I might see a couple if I could walk there for an hour. Couple big lumps of walking winter clothing that is. And this is not countryside, this is a city. There's 3 hours of daylight per day and that's grey and cloudy. Still freezing.

You try to live here for the whole winter, and then when it's coldest and darkest I'll give you a nice glass of finest body&soul warming scotch, you'll be sexual intercourseing kissing my toes and testicles in humble gratitude. :D

Well seriously, couple swigs of scotch really keeps you warm and sane in dark wintertime, survival trick. I used to drink the whole bottle and then 10 beers to wash it off and keep on rocking when I was younger, but you get calmer when you get older. :)

And there's not so many people "kind of crazy" like me or like Jack Black. :D