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New Year 2015-2016 7 1, 8:34am

'@ShoggothOnTheRoof' It's applying sufficiently massive and intrusive selective pressure across a largely semi-captive population, especially considering the phenomenon infecting and re-purposing global monoculture thus swallowing continents. Most people still don't move more than a few miles from the birthplace, especially the ones profiting the most from the nanny state and shitting litters. RELATIVE gene erosion and outbreeding depression of subpopulations is a problem resulting in too many people having too few of certain genes. "Smart" genes are many and require many to count. Spreading them thin makes them mostly worthless and decreases their reproductive desirability even more. I doubt you'd like the temperaments that many successful sperm-donors are spreading among the relative idiot population either.

Why do you think isolation is always a requirement? White people evolved in Africa while still in contact with blacks (not to imply general improvement). Egyptian "red" did too, right next to Ethiopian black. There was more difference than skin color in both cases. Isolated populations have remained stagnant for millennia, check mountainous Central Asia or the old Yid sub-population in Europe, while mixing ones have managed to significantly change relative to those they mixed with. Hell, look at Y haplogroups in general. They get around yet change quickly.

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