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New Year 2015-2016 12 1, 2:16am

'@ShoggothOnTheRoof' Speciation occurs even in adjacent regions and different niches with a region, which aptly fits what current intentional social pressures would eventually produce though that's not too important in immediate terms. Distribution of existing genes very much is. You're flagrantly conducting human husbandry, just in a blind idiot manner while lying about it, via layers of massive social programs with stolen resources. You punish competence and reward incompetence, even as the latter increasingly outbreed the former.

Your politics doesn't dictate to reality any more than the religious right's religion. Your policies aren't magic, and you ARE responsible for their fallout. You don't get to ignore reality and substitute your own as much your type loves to pretend. Shove your sacrosanct authoritarianism back into the diseased abscess it came from. You don't know shit about evolution or breeding.

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