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Two ways about it 13 1, 3:32am

Living in Alaska I went and converted this to Fahrenheit for my perspective
15c/59f Well thats June for you
10c/50f What a lovely spring, school lets out
5c/41f The season known as 'break up', water is everywhere in April. The beached ice flows next to the river are fun to jump on and break. Coats are stored and sweatshirts are all you need
0c/32f Leaves are frosted, time to go back to school. go find the jacket you haven't worn in 5 months
-10c/14f Thanksgiving break was quite nice, i should put a hat on though. Starts warming car in the morning
-30c/-22f Finals Week at uni before Winter break, breaking out the cleats as I walk to class.
-40c/-40f Car was running for 20 minutes but still isnt warm, i just drive with mittens on.
-50c/-58f Start sewing old tshirts and fabric scraps into new blankets and make the dog a sweater for when it goes pee outside
-60c/-76f News reports that we are nearing our record low temperature! Nobody gives a damn. Still driving to work with mittens on.
-70c/-94f Its never been this cold. Everyone rejoices that it is because it means a low bug population in the spring and the weak non Alaskans will never return.

Alaskans dont bundle like Russians, we wear one, two if you're a kid, layers of good quality gear. I drive with Mink trimmed fleece and wool mittens, they are warm and soft.