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New Year 2015-2016 17 1, 6:47am

'@ShoggothOnTheRoof' Since I can't reply further down... Parapatric and sympatric speciation must have been missing from your BullShit degree since they've plenty of extant and extinct-but-well-documented examples.

' @Rioluman' Environment within and around the lifeform is actually part of the problem. It's like embedded, embodied cognition. Decent's easy. Better's hard. In the case of intelligence, epigentics is pretty much only bad though, damping potential. Non-functioning intellects won't help the worsening political environment, even if some smart genes are just hiding. At least everything I've ever read indicates it's easier and more probable to switch the genes off then on. The actual absence is far worse for the future, and I doubt stealthed off-genes will save us in some future reversal.

As for environment, twins have shown significant heritibility of intelligence, temperament, and other mental traits, even in different environments. We can't make an absence of genetic-based-intelligence-potential intelligent. As I said elsewhere in this thread, the Flynn effect has stalled, and, while I don't know how Europe treat similar cases exactly, here the "no child left behind" program in education intellectually cripples even the mediocre, all for small improvements of the incompetent. We're making it worse, just to make the worst feel better.

The population drift seems aimed at some mutant bastard hybrid of Idiocracy and the Borg. The social programs just continually ratchet into the incompetence and authoritarianism, while spouting platitudes and daring to claim such as rationality and science. When "the People" are idiots, targeting them with programs just profits idiocy and tends to select for it, while punishing and increasingly abnormalizing even the few eggheads needed to keep the stupid "civilization" running. The stats show they're not only unlikely to breed even once, they're ostracized and demeaned for existing. Claims to the contrary are facially obvious lies. Compare Jobs vs. Wozniak when people praise the creation of Apple. Actual engineers never count, just the marketing sleaze, who even manage personality cults. "Geek chic" is just hipster trash miming stereotypes to pretend intelligence/specialness. Nerds are still freaks to be kept out of sight until exploited by "real" people; then, they're supposed to mimic their ignorant "betters" while performing.