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Looking for a new home 22 1, 1:32am

You say "moral highground" like it's a bad thing, that there is some objection to having an iota of basic human decency.

Of course, as has been pointed out, in addition to being an affront to any reasonably decent person's sense of morality, that picture is an affront to common sense. Several objections have been already raised, but I have another to add. Study after study have shown that immigrants have a noticeably LOWER rate of crime than natural born citizens (granted, most of the ones I've seen have pertained to the US, but at least some were European, although logically it's less likely to be as much of a decrease in Europe, given how much lower crime rates in general are there, especially the murder rate), both violent and non-violent. And as HerrMetik pointed out, refugees are significantly less likely to be criminals than other immigrants.

I was originally surprised that the up votes greatly outweighed the down votes on the OP, until I realized there was likely a very high correlation between those able to see the post as the xenophobic tripe that it is, and the apathy towards up or down voting, given how little it matters. I know I don't bother, who cares? Unless specifically referenced, like this blatant attempt to troll-bait, I rarely even notice at all what votes have been cast. Also, when someone invites downvotes, it's not unlikely those that disapprove will intentionally refrain from doing so, in the belief that it is the desired result (I'd ask why, as I don't understand it, but it's too common in comments sections like this to surprise anymore, and I'm not sure I want to understand, sometimes ignorance is bliss). I know both played a role in my not voting at all. But I might be reading too much into it, after all, Trump is doing very well in the polls in the US, despite saying things that are many times higher order of magnitude in ignorance, that are in fact objectively, provably 100% false, unlike that picture (it might be incredibly misleading, but it does not specifically say that was an immigrant, or that immigrants are worse than native born, it implies it, but technically cannot be proven wrong with what it actually says - still very bad, but not nearly as bad as the blatant lies that Trump uses), but very much along the same xenophobic and/or racist lines. I like to think people are generally decent, reasonably intelligent people, but am well aware of how easy it is to give evidence to the contrary...