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Some are more hospitable than others 5 2, 8:55am

@Nevermore Well, i do not think i have an idea worthy of presenting humon, but Brazil and Argentina could be considered the "Sweden and Denmark of South America" if you will, at least in terms of really liking to war each other in the past/ maintaining a rivalry even today. Chile, on the other hand, has the highest HDI and is bloody rich. We also *love* coffee (especially on breakfast or afternoon) and produce a lot of it.

About the Gripen deal, there were three planes competing for FAB's purchase: the French Rafale, the American Super Hornet and the smallest, "weakest" of the three, the Swedish Gripen. Some thought the Gripen stood no chance and the competition was presumed to be solely between the American and French planes, but the ultimately the Gripen won due to its affordability, maintainability and the sweet technology transfer the Swedes offered us (despite a seemingly irrefusable Russian offer involving Sukhoi Su-30s and participation in the PAK-FA project).

Such an "unexpected" decision ( since the American and French companies practically considered the smaller Gripen "out of the game" already) has been the subject of many a joke. Myself, when i heard the decision, i laughed thinking "i wanted to see Boeing's and Dassault's salesmen's faces right now".