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Omnom Swedish Balls 14 2, 12:24am

I remember an incident where a woman caught one in Lake St. Clair a few years ago,and a lot of people asked,'what is it doing in Michigan?' Pacus,sold sometimes as 'vegetarian pirhanas',are part of the exotic pet trade,and are pretty much the omnivorous,docile counterparts of their little,red bellied cousins.Generally,they're sold to the unsuspecting hobbyist as juvenilles, and continue to grow up to 3 feet.At this point,frustrated fish owners have a few choices:get a bigger tank,or give it to the zoo,aquarium,or a more expeienced hobbyist.Unfrtunately,some idiots take a third option:dump them in the nearest water source;catching one of those buggers happens every few years in the Great Lakes,but just as in Scandinavia,the winter should kill them off.Now,blood sucking lampreys...

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