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Good Business 7 3, 2:38pm

@TheChief the story is not for me tell to others. you can go find him yourself. and why cant catholics enter a place where more than one deity is worshipped?? to my understanding the catholics can attend any kind of ceremony they want from any religion. they are just not allowed to take part in the communion. but in all seriousness. after looking through some of your comments on other comics and taking a long hard look at the way you argue, i wonder why you biblebash people?? because it seems to be a kind of "red line" for you. im not trying to make an attack out of it, but it DOES make me wonder what your agenda is. and taking your 17 years of age into consideration it COULD seem as though you have a fanatical mindset that is locked in its way of seeing things. which is never a good thing, especially not for a christian. i was a christian myself, (protestant) and the only difference between them and catholics is they see the words of Jesus as metaphors rather than direct orders. fo example: Jesus told Peter "Thou art Rock, and upon this Rock, I build my church". Protestants believe that Jesus meant "Your name is peter, and upon faith I'll build my church". basically only difference between Catholics and Protestants. but im getting off track. what i really want to know (and this just dawned on me now) is why you seem to have such a huge problem with the religion i chose to identify myself with.