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Good Business 7 3, 6:57pm

@TheBrewer Because Catholics don't believe in more than one God.
Who have I biblebashed?! When people insult my religion, I defend it.
My "agenda" is the defense of my faith from those who attack it.
How has anything I've done been remotely fanatical? When I get pissed of by people bashing Christianity? When I'm outraged by someone saying Chrisitanity should be banned? When someone suggests their country is inherently better because there are no religious people? How in God's Name is that fanatical?
No that is most certainly NOT the difference between Catholics and Protestants. We believe that the Pope the head of the Church, appointed to said office by Christ Himself. We also beleive the Eucharist becomes the body and blood of Christ through our faith. We venerate the Virgin Mother of God, Mary, and we believe in salvation through good works.
When have I expressed any issue with your beliefs? I can't say i think much of them, but that has never been the point of contention. You alleged that the Nordic religion was some insanely old age, bac, I think, before people came to North America. I refuted it for the obvious reason that it's wrong. That is all.