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Monster 8 3, 4:45am

Oh, we does that in Sweden too. We really don't like touching people we don't know. I even feel awkward hugging my FRIENDS sometimes. The only ones I'm totally comfortable with hugging is my family and small children. But instead of apologizing when we touches someone we don't know we most ignores it like "If I don't talk about it it didn't happen". I think swedes have some of the biggest "personal spheres" in the world, actually. You can just look at busses. Many prefer to stand up in them rather than sitting next to someone you don't know, and when we're going with our friends we often takes seats on different sides of the path so we don't get too close to each other. It's kind of strange, but we don't like touching. So we're quite much like England. Like, touch someone you don't know and you're scarred for life. XD