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Good Business 10 3, 12:49am

@TheChief you agenda throughout all of this has been to tell me im wrong and that you are right. you have brought up your own god multiple times as a "counter" to my norse belief. and you refuted my claim because it messes with your perception of the world. as for the fanatical part: when people say they have a better country than you, and you know its not true, as a christian you should turn the other cheek. when they bash your religion you should love them. at least according to the word of Jesus. when you rage against it its pride talking, and pride is on of the 7 sins. if they say christianity should be banned??? you church tried to ban MY religion in the days of old. people kept worshipping them. that is what would happen should it by some freak accident be banned.
" I refuted it for the obvious reason that it's wrong." those were your words. what is your proof of this?? i have done studies, talking to idk how many people, i work as an amateur archeologist in my spare time. what im trying to say is that they date i stick to (36000 years old) is based on more than just hearsay. but im curious. how do you KNOW that it is wrong??

concerning the difference between protestants and catholics. we see it as more of a symbol than the actual blood of christ. to me, that would turn it into some kind of bizarre flirting with cannibalism.
Protestants also venerate Mary, but only as the mother of christ. and lastly, Are you saying that protestants DOESN'T believe in salvation through good work???

on an off note, how can the pope be appointed to the office by god himself when he is elected by popular vote amongst the cardinals when the old one dies?? no offence intended, i really want to know.