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Good Business 10 3, 2:36am

@TheBrewer ) Why is it that people believe Christians have to be pussies? Jesus said turn the other cheek once, and it doesn't even mean what you think it does.
You mean beyond the fact that these stories supposedly predate most if not all forms of written language, and the fact the sagas of Norse mythology were not written down until after the 1st millennium A.D.? Not much.

Someone who worships a bunch of giants who live on the branch of a tree above our own position on said tree is criticizing ME for religious symbolism?
No, they do not. If they do not acknowledge her position in Our Lord's Plan whatever they do beleive about her is irrelevant.
Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. Only the Catholic Church believes good works bring you into Heaven. Proddies believe it is from faith alone.