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Good Business 11 3, 3:28pm

@TheChief to me (and many, many other asatru) the great tree ygdrasil is a metaphor for the nine planes (or realms if you will) of existence, and no, its not worshipping giants. the Ice giants (or Jotun, if you want to use the correct term) are the enemies of the Aesir, the gods of Valhal and protectors of mankind. by Tors beard, your own christmas is stolen from the pagans up north. originally called yule. and why is it so hard to believe that stories can survive for that long?? the worship of the planet as a great mother providing for her children (all living beings, human and animal alike) survived back from the stone age. and that was 250.000 years ago. today she is called Gaia but the belief is identical. and the Saga's was not witten until several hundreds years after the Viking Age. and they were written based on the stories that kept being told from mouth to mouth. heck, i still tell tales about the great warriors of old whenever kids and adults wants to hear them. in any case it has about as much credibilty as a man going to a mountain ALONE to speak with a god that would only speak to him when he was alone. kinda reminds of the mormons history now that i think about it..
And yes he said turn the other cheek. but never once is it mentioned in the bible that it was only once.
and how can say that about protestants (at least use the correct term instead of "proddies". im not calling Catholics "Catties" am i now??) when you dont even enter their churches?? how can you claim any knowledge on a subject you yourself said you are not allowed to be part of or even witness.
"Only the Catholic Church believes good works bring you into Heaven" that right there is spoken like a fanatic. and protestants put as mcuh emphasis on good deeds as catholics. a true difference, however, is that the protestants does not see it as a holy gesture to give money to the church. they work instead. helping with repairs to churches, feeding the homeless and providing care and comfort for those who seek it. if you dont believe me, come to denmark and in Copenhagen alone i will show you at least 30 different organizations all trying to improve the life of the homeless with your christian god as inspiration. and all doing it for free, out of love for their fellow man.

on a side note: dude, i have no beef with you, i really dont mind what you believe, how and why. what concerns me though, is your attitude at the age of 17. you ramble off dogma from a church instead of using logic and reasoning, you show a fanatical belief in a church that has been proven to lie, cheat, steal, murder and even molest children through the ages. you want more proof of fanatical thoughts from you?? "If they do not acknowledge her position in Our Lord's Plan whatever they do beleive about her is irrelevant". spoken like the islamists in denmark wanting sharia law under the pretext that "Allah is the one and only god and any who does not believe it is a heathen and that persons meaning or opinion has no value what so ever". you are doing the EXACT same thing, just in the name of your lord. where did the love and respect for your fellow man go??? isnt that the, you know, CORE of christian belief?? but im trailing off here. im just worried about you my friend. your horizon is very limited. i can only hope that with age comes wisdom.