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Good Business 12 3, 4:40am

@TheBrewer My point was it was complete bullshit to take something from Genesis completely seriously when your own religion has something like that on it.
In Jewish culture, one would strike a person in a certain way. By turning the other cheek, they would hurt themselves more than the one being struck. Our Lord was preaching about the self-destructiveness of vengeance, not advocating suicidal pacifism.
1) The proper term would be "Papes".
2) Do you honestly think I've never studied the Protestants? That they teach us nothing of them? They have. And the bottom line is this: they do things one way, and we disagree with the way they do it. And I said Catholics cannot take part in non-monotheistic services. Protestants are monotheists. -_-
Are you really so ignorant to the facts of the religion you claim to have been part of? Sola Fide (FAITH ALONE), written by Martin Luther-the man whose name IS IN YOUR FORMER RELIGION'S- argued that faith alone was necessary into Heaven. Don't fucking lecture me before you understand the first thing about the theology you're defending.

How have I ignored any reason or logic? What MENTION have I made of dogma? You make outrageous claims without so much as the slightest bit of evidence, yet I'm illogical. Get off your goddamn soap box.
WISDOM?! You have demonstrated a complete and utter lack of comprehension of anything I have said! You know nothing of Christian theology and yet you see fit to deny the CORE PROTESTANT BELIEF of Sola Fide IN DEFENSE OF PROTESTANTISM! You DO NOT get to lecture me on wisdom.