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Good Business 17 3, 2:38pm

@TheChief where is it said or written that you cannot attend a Protestant sermon?? please provide evidence. and while vengeance CAN be self destructive, when mixed with restraint and logic, it can be the greatest tool to restore your honor. and if he was NOT promoting suicidal pacifism, please explain why he accepted to be killed on the cross. if you say he did it so he could die for our "sins" please explain the need for need to be judged by Saint Peter upon death, seeing as Jesu apparently alredy died for our sins, and therefore there should be no need to judgement.
and yes, protestant are monotheists. so are you, technically, as you have the son of god, the mother of the son of god, and god. Jesus and Mary are recognizeda s people. polytheism is mainly seen in the hindu, buddhist, egyptian, greek and Asatru. and while Martin Luther DID believe in faith alone, that is not what is preached in denmark. (then again, we also have priests openly admitting to not be christian and just seeing it as a job)

"If they do not acknowledge her position in Our Lord's Plan whatever they do beleive about her is irrelevant." if this is not religious dogma, i dont know what is.

i know the christian theology i have been taught in denmark. again you come across as a person dealing with n indoctrnating church. what happens here is not what you have been told, so therefore i must be lying and/or utterly insane. can you really not see this??? like i said before, you are only 17. you will learn to look at the grey blurred lines in time and not see the world as black and white. to put things in perspective: christianity worldwide has more than 20.000 (twenty THOUSAND!!) different branches today, all with their own stories, interpretations of the bible, customs and beliefs (within the christian sector of religion of course). what that in mind, is it REALLY so hard to believe that we are not being taught what you are being told we are being taught??? or is this just me showing more lack of comprehension for a religion that has been more twisted and perverted through the ages than any other?? you decide. in any case. to go back to the original topic. Odinism (as it is popularly called) has been around for roughly 36.000 years (give or take a few hundred) and so predates most (if not all) modern religions still functioning.