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Good Business 18 3, 1:55am

@TheBrewer I should say up front your uncompromising ignorance to anything resembling theology is terribly irksome. Also, the fact that you don't seem to reading what I'm saying AT ALL is pissing me right the fuck off.

"Honor"? Really?
He was killed on the cross because someone had to bear the sins of the penitent. ONLY the penitent. And St. Peter doesn't judge the people as they reach the pearly gates, that's just the usual artistic depiction.
The Trinity is Christ, God the Father and the Omnipresent spirit of God.
Yes, but the issue is Mary is regarded only as a person-just another saint. She was a woman born without sin second only to Christ Himself in those who've walked the Earth.
Why are you explaining polytheism? I clearly know the difference between monotheism and polytheism.
You don't have priests. You have ministers and even for Protestants they are affronts to the word "Christian".

Explain how that contradicts logic, or is similar to Mohammedans trying to impose sharia law?

I am going to answer to that last paragraph as simply as possible,
1) EXPLAIN. Where and how have I done or said anything that shows ignorance or lack of comprehension? What have I said that denies the existence of grey lines? When have I accused you of lying? Explain or leave it the fuck be.
2) Where do you get the idea that your religion is older than the Pyramids? I know my religion begins in the 1st century A.D. because a) the writings of Josephus place his birth there. 2) the accounts of a noteworthy Roman archivist records having seen Our Lord perform a miracle and c) the entire time line is based around His birth. Whatsmore, how am I ignorant for not believing you? Your sagas were not written until a thousand years after Our Lord's birth. I know the Norse religion is descended from the Indo-Aryan proto-religion that also spawned ancient Hinduism because of what scientists and historians teach us.
3) In regards to you remark about my religion being twisted and corrupt: FUCK YOU.
4) Your religion in not the original Norse pantheon. Yours is BASED off of their religion, but it is not the same. The culture that it was intrinsically connected to has changed too much for you to claim it as the same.