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Good Business 18 3, 12:54pm

@TheChief lets start with the corrupted Catholic religion. the Vatican has a whole administrative section that works with one thing and one thing only. to move pedo priests around to new ares where they are not known. that should about be enough to to prove my point. if not, the Vatican has imposed its own law on its land. no denying that. but getting mixed up in the law means getting in to politics. and i DO believe that it was Jesus that said "the day that the church and politics gets mixed together, the church is a whore".
And i already explained to you why i believe that my old Norse religion is more than 36000 years old. and where do you get the idea that Indo-Aryan people are the original creaters of the the belief system that?? the Indo-Aryan countries include India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Burma, the Maldives and some more (those mentioned all have a population over 300.000 people) that is a shot in the dark. you MIGHT be thinking about the Proto-Indo-European countries. and no scientist has EVER made the claim that Indo-Aryan is the area that Odinism stem from. norse mythology is my study. since i was 6 have i been studying them. thats 22 years running. and i only learn more the deeper i dig.
and im sorry, but we dont have priests???? are you serious??? go to denmark and try to ask ANY priest in a church. the title kinda goes with job dude. and in denmark we dont have a difference between ministers and priests in our vocabulary. so good luck mate.
and while the names of my old gods may have changed, the worship has not. sure Odins original name was Wotan and Tors original name was Donar. but the belief is the same. and your lack of comprehension is evident whenever you speak out about something that contradicts the beliefs you have been spoonfed. because you were not taught that, i am the one in the wrong (mark you, this is the second time im writing this. please understand it now) and you dont see the grey lines. just look at how you constantly pick and choose when the bible is litteral and when it is a metaphor. and you accuse me of lying in every reply. first im ying about the dates, then im lying about origins, then im lying about the catholic church being corrupt (which is no big secret dude. come on. be realistic) the list goes on.
and btw its funny how my meeting with and old man in Iceland and hearing the original story of Odin is not credilble evidence, but your roman archivist is complety fine as a credible source......... see what i mean religious dogma??
And yes. Honor. i only have 2 things with me when i enter this life. my word and my honor. im not breaking them for anyone. i am reminded of Vincent Elun's words: "My name is not my own, it is borrowed from my Ancestors. I must return it unstained.
My honor is not my own. It is on loan from my ancestors. I must give it to them unbroken.
Our blood is not our own. It is a gift to generations yet unborn. We should carry it with responsibility."
BTW. only the penitent??? what do you have to be penitent for?? living the life that "god" bestowed onto you?? let me tell you something about MY way of honoring the gods. when its time for the Solstice sacrifice (in the modern day its only symbolic and no animals or humans are harmed in the process) we live life in every way we can. we get drunk, we eat until we feel like bursting, we "sleep around" to honor the gods and goddesses of love, we basically INDULGE. because what better way to honor the life you were given by the gods then by LIVING IT. i dont know if you can see where im coming from here, and if you cant i feel sorry for you. but the simple logic MUST be doing something for you. otherwise there is no hope at all.
peace and good growth to you.