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Good Business 19 3, 6:12am

@TheBrewer That is abso-fucking-lute bullshit! What proof do you have? None because as i said it is bullshit.
You didn't explain why you believe the religion is that old and what reason it is based off of.
From what I have read on Norse mythology your religion is descended from the same one as what was taught by the Brahmans in India in ancient times.
Indian alone has a population of one-and-a quarter billion.
Christian clergymen are only priests when coming from the Catholic Church or the Eastern orthodoxy. They have to be educated from a seminary, derive power from the Pope or a Patriarch and cannot marry (in the Eastern Rite, they cannot marry as priests, but married men can take the vows). Your clergy, by your own admission, are barely even Christian. I doubt they'll much care if I object to their title.
That sentence makes no sense whatsoever, What don't I comprehend? What have I said that abjures reason or the existence of moral grey areas? Nothing I've objected to about your religious claims is based off of my religion (the failure of Protestants to venerate Our Lady notwithstanding). It is the same you would here from an atheist about your religion.
No, I don't see what you mean about religious dogma. The man wasn't a Christian and it was the 1st century A.D. I don't see where you're getting the idea this has anything to do with dogma. Or how that even qualifies as dogma.
I'm reminded of the words of G.R.R. Martin "Damn stiff-necked fool...too proud to listen. Can you eat pride... Will honor shield your children?'"
God give not give us life to louse about and degrade His world. You boil your brains in drink, leave yourself gasping for breath with food stuffed down your gluttonous gullets and desecrate His gift of your bodies by fucking like a bunch of damned filthy animals. That's not living life, that's running away from the responsibilities and the duties that come with it, rather seeking the comforts of the flesh and material. If anything, that's a crime against the abstract honor you hold so dear.
I am a sinner. Same as every other to walk on the face of this Earth. But unlike you I seek to better myself, to improve the world He gave us rather than succumb to the material debauchery as our forebearers did.
What simple logic? That because your "gods" gave you your bodies, your ought to use them living trash receptacles? That degrading them is some form of worship? If it were simply a matter of you having a different religion, I wouldn't care. But you revel in your own ignorance. You ignore any and all reason yet find the audacity to lecture me about concepts completely beyond your ken. I can't claim that I know for certain what made the cosmos, but it didn't intend us to live like beasts.