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Leaking 20 3, 9:52am

This is an odd series of stereotypes though. It's almost like a non-American stereotyped them. : P

At least from my interpretation of what views other people here seem to hold, the American stereotypes of these countries are as follows:
France: Arrogant, rude, unwilling to get involved in overseas matters or military conflicts (not sure why that actually came to be, given French history, but I guess the people involved were uneducated), aristocratically pretentious.
Germany: there are several ways to interpret Germany, but they usually fall into the following stereotypes - militaristic, possibly still Nazis, probably wear combat boots (this is fading somewhat as we are losing the older generations who are mistrustful of Germans); partiers, wear lederhosen, drink beer in giant steins, eat tons of wurst; serious, punctual, humorless, tech-y and into engineering, analytical.
Italy: Womanizers (at least the men), possibly corrupt, at the very least politically disorganized, mafiosos, the men wear tons of tacky gold jewelry.
Russia: Possibly fascist, potentially scary, corrupt government (all remnant feelings from the Cold War), liable to have vodka on them at all times.

That's my two cents on things. I don't think hardly any Americans consider Germany to be weak (for some it's quite the opposite), or Italy to be subject to Russia. France might seem weak, but most only think that because of modern foreign relations.