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Good Business 24 3, 12:43pm

@TheChief i have explained several times why i believe my religion to be that old. but you seem to have forgot it. go through my earlier posts and you will see. and you do not present me with logic. you present me with the same rules and laws that catholics and christians have been using to murder, burn, maim, torture invade and enslave other people with for over 1000 years in the name of a god that preaches love and understanding.
and if you are looking for religious dogma, look at the last 3rd of your last post. you even go as far as saying i live like a beast and use my body as a "trash receptacle". because i live a different way compared to you.
and i have spoken with people from all over the world about my religion. only 2 types of people ever get angry at me for not believing the same as them. Catholics and Muslims. think about that for a second.
and instead of living my life, would you rather have me starve myself, deprive myself the company of a warm and willing female that seeks the comfort of embrace in the dark of winter or the light of summer? would you have me live life like a priest, condemning other people for the life he is not allowed to live himself?? do you see the hypocracy at play here?
and revel in my own ignorance??? again the religious dogma. because i am not christian and think as such, im ignorant. i ignore "reason" (the ramblings of a book written by man about 2000 years ago)

i said it before, i will say it again. you are only 17 and as such cannot be expected to see the grey areas of religion. lets compare it to a booming industry. the diamond industry. everywhere we see commercials for them, telling us how much we can show our love with them. when in truth, the owners of the biggest (and only company with the rights to sell diamonds) have been quoted in saying "they are actually worthless and would be used better in tools". the same goes for most religions. what they really need is the only currency that really matters on a global scale. people. the human farm needs to grow. but im getting ahead of myself here. look at your own church. in the catholic church you can buy a piece of paper that guarantees you a place in heaven, no matter you crimes. so apparently YOUR salvation is obtainable to all people with enough cash. that is a serious grey area that people tend to forget about. you included.