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Good Business 28 3, 2:51pm

@TheChief you have understanding of history?? do you have any idea how many civilizations have been forgotten and how advanced they were technology wise? i use my spare time as an amateur archeologist. and i can saefly say, that with your statement, you have no grasp what so ever on any history apart from the newest one (the last 2000 years) and you are merely stating big fights between gods and beasts. remember jormungandr is the serpent given birth to by Angerboda and Loki together with the 2 other offspring, the Fenris Wolf and Hel, ruler of Hel, the plane you go to if you do not die in combat. and no. i havent forgotten my claim that it is roughly 36000 years old. our archeological finding points at something like 300 years before the viking age officially "started" but the stories that are being handed down from generation to generation, from father to son. they indicate something more like 36000 years. and personally, i stick with the stories of old. i dig the eart myself for the forgotten past. but i still put my faith in the stories.

its funny how i am the condesending one, when you are the one to call me beast, savage, ignorant and even a living trash receptacle.

but i just thought of something. you wrote earlier that you are a sinner as are all people on the planet according to your religion, and you have to have faith and do good to attone for that. my thought here was. didnt Jesus die on the cross for you sins?? if so, what is the point of calling yourself a sinner and, if not, why do you say he died for your sins??? seems like quite the paradox mate.