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Good Business 28 3, 10:55pm

@TheBrewer Everything I've said is what is backed up by most modern historians and scientists (except the stuff about Marian veneration but that's a different topic). Everything I've read on the topic argues that the various religions in the Near East adn Europe are descended from the Indo-Aryan proto religion-yours included.
Oh, but I'm stupid for believing the Bible. Perfectly reasonable to believe something based on the fact SOMEBODY TOLD YOU SOMETHING but believing a two-millennia old tradition? Completely unreasonable.
Why? Why do you stick to the "stories of old"? Not why do you believe the Norse heathenry-I don't give a fuck about that. Why do you choose to believe these old traditions-which contradict EVERY legitimate book on the subject-as to how old your religion is?

You eat drink and fuck like there's no tomorrow. That makes you little better than an animal.

Not really. The only way to be purified of our sins is to bear our cross like Jesus bore His.