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Good Business 8 4, 3:42am

@TheChief if the only way to purify yourself is to bear the cross like he did, why did he have to die for your sins???

and dont even try to tell me the bible is not contradicting itself. we both know it does on more occasions than i can count.

and when you ask me why i stand fast in my belief of the old gods, would it not be reasonable to ask you the same?? i do it because its part of my cultural heritage, in my mind it makes more sense, and i can better identify with the old gods. they are more human than you might suspect. why do you believe in your sloppy seconds cult?? Silly Christian:
Christmas was Solstice,
Easter was Ostara (the spring equinox),
Halloween was Samhain,
May day was Beltane,
Tuesday was Tyr's (Tiw's) day,
Wednesday was Woden's (Odin's) day,
Thursday was Tor's day,
Friday was Freya's day,
Saturday was Saturn's day (roman),
Sunday was the sun' day
and Monday was the moons day.

your religion has borrowed from everywhere to make sure people didnt reject it. straight up brainwashing and indoctrination. that is my primary reason for believing in the gods of old. In Asatru, what you believe truly doesnt matter, as long as you dont try to enforce upon others. and that, my friend, is something christianity has done and IS STILL DOING.
can i have an answer as to why you believe in the christian cult or will you slide past it like you have dont with most of the things i have asked that contradicts the beliefs you have been spoonfed??

and there you go again. calling me the equivilent of an animal because i live a different life compared to you. you even go so far as to call me a heathen. a term that, frankly, would do better in the times of the inquisition than in modern society. none the less, i wear that term proudly.
and why shouldnt i live life like that?? the only thing i can be 100% certain will happen in this life, is that i will leave it again. why not enjoy the life the gods have given me, and honor them by experiencing everything good that life has to offer, instead of repenting imaginary sins as laid down by the omnipotent old man in the sky, that loves you and forgives all, unless you break his 10 rules, in which case you will be cast into a place of pain and anguish and fear and misery for eternity. you see where im going with this???

and by the way...... why do you keep going back to EASTERN europe??? we are talking northen europe here dude. if you want to talk eastern europe you gotta remember that much of it was settled by wandering northfolk way back in the day. part of the russian populaton, or the "Rus" people, originated from danish, swedish and norwegian vikings that populated the area in search of rare pelts for hunting. you need to get your history right.