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Good Business 8 4, 7:53am

@TheBrewer To allow us the chance to redeem ourselves.

Not the parts you're supposed to believe.

We put events relevant to our faith on dates relevant to the converted culture. It's not stealing anything, it's just smart.

I believe for two reasons: 1) It makes a whole damn lot more sense than a belief system that doesn't actually require you believe in something-such as you claim heathenry does. 2) The Holy Catholic Church has done more good for all Mankind than ANY other institution in all of Human history. Every scientific, cultural and intellectual advancement since the fall of the Roman Empire is directly related to the Church's preservation of the knowledge that would otherwise have been lost-especially thank to the predations of you predecessors in Heathenry.
I haven't slid past anything. I've answered everything you've asked that's of any consequence.

I don't mind that you live differently. I mind you unbearable arrogance and how you laud your complete lack of any morals or boundaries as the apex of humanity. If you proudly use the word why are you bitching that I used it?
You don't merely enjoy, you disgrace it in excess.

You idiot, the population of modern Europe got there from the east when the Indo-Aryans migrated out of central Eurasia. Same story as the population of India.