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Good Business 8 4, 11:31am

@TheChief the catholic church behind every scientific, cultural and intellectual advencement since the roman times??? you DO know that the church actively supressed science and education during the dark age of christianity right??? they put us into a scientific stagnation that lasted 1000 years. and preserving knowledge??? so book burnings, the execution of people that had controversial ideas AND the fact that christian people are some of the most conservative in the world. that doesnt tell you what you need to know about your church's history???
and if you think the vikings were a backwards people then you REALLY need to study your history better. for starters they invented the basic principles behind shipbuilding that is still used to this day just to mention a single thing.

and "not the parts you are supposed to believe"??? i thought you couldnt pick and choose what you believed from the bible. you are either in or out.

and it IS stealing. it was the only way to brainwash entire populations to think that your god was the right choice. and for a peaceful god there was a hell of a lot of killing of people that didnt want to convert. how very christian.

and unbearable arrogance??? you have belittled me, resorted to name calling, blatantly ignored every fact that goes against the churches teachings and written it off as the ramblings of a mad man and yet IM the arrogant one.
and yes, i use the word proudly. that doesnt mean you get that same privilege. just like i cannot be buried in christian soil when i die.

and what do you know of my morals and boundaries?? i suspect i have a higher evolved moral than you. at least if i insult people i stand by it. i dont hide it behind fancy rhetoric and pretend it never happened.

and it makes more sense... the god that loves you and forgives all but will still condemn you to an eterniy of suffering should you slip up.
and you seem to have misunderstood what i meant when i said it truly doesnt matter what you believe to an asatru. i would love to educate you on the subject but i fear it is a lost cause.

and btw. why should you need to redeem yourself in the eyes of your god, if his son already died for your sins???

and to say i disgrace is to harsh. you dont know me, you have never seen how i live my life and therefore you cant really judge. i think you view me as a sad excuse for something that should be buried and forgotten. i can proudly say that i see you this way. you embody the worst part of christianity. the bigotry, the hatred, the refusal that anything other than what you have been taught can be true and judgemental nature of the hypocritical priests of old.

you claim to be a christian and yet you keep acting like a non christian. at least i cannot act like a non asatru unless i run from battle. which is less than likely, seeing as death in battle would immideately grant me acces to Valhal.

anyways, there is no arguing with you. when you get presented with something you dismiss it right away because there is no way you could be wrong. that is the core of my earlier statement about you still being 17. with age comes wisdom. you cannot rush it