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Good Business 8 4, 6:13pm

@TheBrewer Bullshit. The "Dark Ages" are so-called because the creators of the Renaissance wanted their work to seem that much more enlightened. The Church didn't suppress anything-they were the only people who could preserve the knowledge of the Romans. That stagnation occurred because your filthy heathens destroyed any traces of civilization, breaking any link the people had to the knowledge of the Romans.
They also destroyed the last vestiges of the Roman culture in western Europe, causing the stagnation you erroneously put on the Holy Church.

Again you demonstrate you know absolutely nothing about theology of any sort.

Again, a heathen has no right to lecture others about religious killings.

Your "facts" are either blatantly wrong or completely irrelevant! And yes, I call it arrogance that you are proud of the fact that you treat your body like a trash receptacle. You haven't said anything that truly poses a real question to the faith. Produce any question about my fiath and I will answer it.
You can't be buried in Christian soil because you aren't a Christian. Just like I wouldn't expect that upon my death to be given one of your heathen rituals.
It's a word. I will use it as it applies. Privilege or no.

I've never denied insulting you.

Not "slip up". Willingly reject Him.
I don't care. I have no issue with heathens. They are free to believe what they deem fit. However, when you insult my religion (as you have repeatedly done) or support a statement which is blatantly false (the 36000 years old garbage) we have an issue.

I have already explained this. Our Lord died that we may have a chance to enter Heaven. If we reject our chance at Heaven, we are guilty.

So the stuff you said about how you "celebrate" your "gods" was not in fact true? The excess? The whoring? None of that was true? if not than I owe you an apology. If you do, then I stand by what I said.
Where have I refused anything I've not been taught? WHat have you said that I have not argued against logically based on facts and my knowledge of the world? What's more, why I should I listen to some idiot on the Internet instead of the faith that has preserved civilization for two millennia and given me everything i know and hold dear?
That is not what I view you as. This has nothing to do with religion. THis has to do with one fact: You claimed that heathenry is 36000 years old. This is false. It has nothing to do with the religion itself, or the fact I do not ascribe to the religion. It has to do with the fact you're stupid enough to believe something so far-fetched, something that doesn't even have anything to do with the faith itself, but just a pointless exercise in your own arrogance. It also has to do with you turning an argument about something you can easily learn in any legitimate history textbook into a big theology showdown.

How do I act like a non-Christian? You insult my faith, I defend it. You say things that are BLATANTLY untrue, I refute them.

I don't "dismiss" anything. I make a counter argument, but you ignore it and I claim I don't answer you bullshit questions.
So it's because I'm younger than you that I can't see the truth in what you saying?If I were older, I would accept everything you say, despite it all being blatantly unscientific, and without any backing by any real sources? You are without doubt an arrogant sonofabitch.