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Good Business 8 4, 10:27pm

@TheChief you stamp around in the same arguments over and over. you re-use whatever was said before as if the act of saying it twice makes it more true.
and you have no right to speak about religious killings. throughout history the church has killed in the name of a god that preaches love and understanding. we heathens have killed for our honor, protection and improvement of our own lives. at least we have been honest about why we did what we did.

but im done. this is going no where and you will continue to re-use you same arguments because that is what a book allows you to say if you want to go to "heaven". but being one of the sacred 144.000 does seem quite far fetched. seeing how long christianity has been around and the amount of people believing in it. but who am i to judge??? i stand by my statements about the age of Odinism. i have my experiences and my own eyes and ears to back up my claims. all you have is a 2000 year old book written by man, claiming it to contain the exact word of god.

and a final thought. the bible states that man was created in gods image. looking at the people of this world and how we treat eachother makes me think its a truly messed up god to worship.