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Good Business 9 4, 5:36am

@TheBrewer You're a goddamn hypocrite.
YOU are the one who brought it up. It doesn't matter what you kill for. At the end of the day both our religions have plenty of blood on their hands. The difference is that the Catholic Church has actually done some measure of good for Mankind as a whole, unlike your self-indulgent, wasteful Heathenry.

You are such a goddamn hypocrite it is almost unbelievable. You take a senile of shit's word over all science and believe in a race of warlords who live on the top of a tree-our world being at the midpoint of said tree-but my religion is nonsense. On top of the fact you have ignored every theological point I have raised demonstrates what an asshole you are.

For the final time-and if you take one thing from this discussion, learn this ONE STATEMENT I HAVE SAID MULTIPLE TIMES- Genesis. Is. Not. LITERAL.