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Sweden has around 400 thousand moose during summer, making t 24 4, 5:25am

Seems legit:
In Canada : There are an estimated 500,000 to 1,000,000 moose [44] with 150,000 in Newfoundland in 2007 descended from just four that were introduced in the 1900s.[45]
In United States : probably around 300,000, as follows:
Alaska: The state's Department of Fish and Game estimated 200,000 in 2011.[46]
Northeast: A wildlife ecologist estimated 50,000 in New York and New England in 2007, with expansion expected.[47]
Rocky Mountain states: Wyoming is said to have the largest share in its 6-state region, and its Fish and Game Commission estimated 7,692 in 2009.Upper Midwest: Michigan estimated 433 (in its Upper Peninsula) in 2011,[49] Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 20–40 (close to its UP border with Michigan) in 2003, Minnesota 5600 in its northeast in 2010,[50] and under 100 in its northwest in 2009;[51] North Dakota closed, due to low moose population, one of its moose-hunting (geographic) units in 2011, and issued 162 single-kill licenses to hunters, each restricted to one of the remaining nine units.[52]
Finland : In 2009, there was a summer population of 115,000 moose.[53]
Norway : In 2007, there were some 120,000 moose.[citation needed]
Latvia : in 2015, there were 21,000 moose.[54]
Estonia : 13,260 individuals[55]
Poland : 2,800 individuals[56]
Czech Republic : maximum of 50 animals[56]
Russia : In 2008, there were approximately 730,000 moose.[citation needed]
Sweden : Summer population is estimated to be 300,000–400,000 moose. Around 100,000 are shot each fall

Sweden's population is 9,858,794. Among the other serious competitors, Canada's is 36,048,521, Finland's 5,486,125, and Norway's 5,214,900. Assuming Sweden's numbers are correct (and surely they are if they're killing that many every year, I can't imagine that such a huge hunt would be sustainable with lower numbers) then they would take the #1 slot per capita.