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Language Lesson 27 4, 2:00pm

@OneSwissMore Yep, I did LEARN it !
How it works ? Well, determination, I guess ? I wanted to, bc I thought it was fun, and so I started to join FB groups, read swiss-german things, and listen to music with the lyrics in SG. And I mean, once you know the basis of words, SG is a pretty easy language...
Pronounciation is quite easy, now. All those /ch/s never bothered me really, there are more complicated sounds in french, so I guess that's that ^^
And as you said, SG is a really funny language, that's why I wanted to learn it ! (And since I'm not bound to any dialect, I can switch between many and mix them up ! And that's the best, esp. when zürcher cringe when talk like a berner :D )