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Looking for a new home 7 5, 12:11am

@Sunwyn I definitely agree that we can't just accept people and have them breed like rabbits here. But that doesn't mean we can't accept them at all. We can take in people from breed-like-rabbit countries as long as we put a legal upper limit to the number of children someone can get. Three seems reasonable. Also only give child support for the first two and already make it less for the second than for the first one.
Sure, there may be side effects, but I'd say even China's one-child policy with all it's side effects has probably been worth the population growth limitation it achieved. Don't wanna think about what kind of clusterf*** China would have been without it. And what kind of clusterf*** any other country may become if we keep allowing people to breed like rabbits.
Finally, don't make any you-can-stay-because-of-your-child decisions. In the Netherlands sometimes families are supposed to be sent back, but the child was born and raised here, and sometimes consequently the whole family gets to stay. I'd say send the parents back and give the kid the choice between their parents and Europe. If they're too young to make the choice, maybe let the parents stay temporally until they reach a certain age, but definitely not permanently. And yes, either option has some level of cruelty, but it's the only way to not give refugees a perverted incentive to breed in our refugee centers.

Edit: sorry for the wall of text, TL;DR: I mostly are with you, but I've got a few ideas how we can accept refugees from breed-happy countries abs still keep breeding to a minimum.