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The roof is on fire, eh? 8 5, 7:10pm

@rosamund The fact he can be elected doesn't mean that he can do any of those things.

My objection to the Supreme Court striking down the DoM act is that it means all states must now acknowledge gay marriage, and redefining words is not a power granted to the federal judiciary in the Constitution.

Similarly, the things that Cruz and Trump have suggested have been done in the past, and are certainly not unconstitutional.The Constitution doesn't say any immigrant with an open hand and an empty belly will be let in and that is really the only thing either of them advocate that I can see will be reasonably misconstrued as unconstitutional.

Your comparison of the neo-nazis in Europe to our parties. European governments nowadays are much newer (with a few exceptions) than ours and even the older ones aren't one-hundred percent based in a document meant to prevent anything going wrong, like ours is.

America wearing England's shirt