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The roof is on fire, eh? 11 5, 4:29am

@TheChief "My objection to the Supreme Court striking down the DoM act is that it means all states must now acknowledge gay marriage, "

Yeah equal rights, how horrible D:

"and redefining words is not a power granted to the federal judiciary in the Constitution. "

Neither is judicial review, but the court has to do some things that aren't explicitly stated in the constitution to function the way it does.

"Similarly, the things that Cruz and Trump have suggested have been done in the past, and are certainly not unconstitutional."

Well Cruz has said things that pretty heavily suggest (and I'm being generous here in saying that they're merely suggestive) he doesn't approve of separation of church and state, which is created by the establishment clause before you make that tired old "it never says the words 'separation of church and state'" argument, and while I can think of any unconstitutional stuff that Trump has said (not that I care a great deal about the constitution or thing the practical worship of it by the right is anywhere near reasonable) Trump has called for flagrant war crimes. Trump has called for the murder of the family members of suspected terrorists, for torture "even if it doesn't work", and has said the Geneva convention is "a problem".

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