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The roof is on fire, eh? 11 5, 6:02am

@Jacob Your conception of what one's rights are does not trump the Constitution set down by the Founding Fathers.

The judicial review certainly is a right of the Supreme Court as set by the precedent of John Jay, and acceptable as it does not contradict the power allotted Constitutionally.

Unless Cruz has said, verbatim, he want to establish Christianity as the official religion of the united States, he is not in violation of the Establishment. What someone wants the law to be is up to their conscience, and whether or not that is affected by religion, if the Constitution does not contradict it and enough people support it, than it is the law.
The Constitution is a blueprint for our whole nation. One of the most important documents in human history. Any violation of it is a grave threat to the future and the spirit of our nation.
I can't say I've heard anything of Trump calling for the murder of terrorist's family members, so I'm dubious as the legitimacy of that claim. Let's not pretend like there's any nation in the world who doesn't condone war crimes and torture "for the greater good".
We're trade partners with China, allies to Israel and the UK, and the power behind such regimes as those in Turkey. No western politician in the past thirty-forty years can claim any degree of moral superiority to him. The only real difference between Trump and any other world leader in foreign affairs is that he's honest.
The man's a typical empty-headed nationalist without any idea who de Tocqueville or Rosseau were, with a lot of rage and no specific target. You want democracy? This is it.

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