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The roof is on fire, eh? 11 5, 6:25am

@TheChief Of course it did, most of those cunts thought blacks didn't have a right not to be slaves. Times change, people gain more civil rights, and the constitution gets read differently. Marriage is a basic civil right and grants certain legal privileges to those who are in it, it is discriminatory to say gay couples don't deserve these privileges because you find them icky. The constitution has a 14th amendment that sates all citizens are supposed to have equal rights, marriage is a basic civil right, thus bans on gay marriage are a violation of the constitution.

"Caesar does not have jurisdiction offer the pulpit, the pulpit has jurisdiction over Caesar!" -Ted Cruz. Along with his constant calls for oppressing people cause gawwd.

The constitution is a piece of paper written by rich white men who feared the masses taking away their power. The constitution didn't stop the genocide of the native Americans, it didn't stop slavery till after the civil war, it didn't protect the Japanese from internment camps, it didn't protect socialists and anarchists from the Palmer raids, it didn't stop the espionage act, and so on. The constitution was made to protect the elites who wrote it and has failed to protect people's liberties. It is the blueprint for a corrupt government, nothing more.

Trump has, several times, and the clips of him doing so are easy to find. Oh, so war crimes are okay cause the other nations do it too? Is this a joke?

Picking from a right wing, quasi-fascist billionaire and a center right, corrupt millionaire who is loved by the billionaires isn't democracy, it's a poorly hidden puppet show.

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