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Icelandic place names may sound exotic, but they're usu 29 5, 7:30pm

@Tjalve Here glacier is just "jökull". The different types of glaciers are just *jökull, for example, "skriðjökull" (crawling-glacier), which is where a glacier descends down the side of a mountain.

I guess Icelandic is more prone to reusing base words rather than coining / importing new ones. :)

Tilhenger sounds sort of like "tilhneiging", which is like a longing for something. Supporter is stuðningsmaður or fylgismaður. Hanger-on... I don't know, fylgifiskur? As in, "something that tends to accompany something else"? Yeah, we have a lot of words and phrases that are fishing related ;)

Too bad Norwegian isn't as closely related to Icelandic as Faroese. Faroese is just the right distance from Icelandic such that it can be read easily, but the differences come across as *hilarious*. Here's some examples:

Faroese word: What it looks like in Icelandic –> What it actually means
afgangur : leftovers –> semen
skref: step –> pussy
limur: penis –> member, such as in a club
ríðingarfélag: "fucking association" –> horse riding association
Reyði Krossurinn: The Angry Cross –> The Red Cross
ástand: situation –> ladder for painting
bert: away, as in "go away" –> only, as in "employees only"
yfirgangsfólk: pushy people –> terrorists
bumba: paunch –> bomb
afmynda: deface –> take a picture
spæla: fry -> play (in Faroese it's perfectly natural to "spæla" football, while in Icelandic you'd either have to be completely mad or have some weird cullinary tastes!)
herbergi: room -> sometimes bed, sometimes outhouse
dýna: mattress –> heavy blanket
sæng: heavy blanket –> mattress
ljóð: poem –> sound
ljóðaldur: age of poetry –> sound wave
skuldsettur: indebted –> arrested
lífsvandi: life problem –> life threatening
pingvinir: parliamentary friends –> penguins
sjúkrabilur: sick breakage –> ambulance
rúsdrekkakoyring –> driving under the influence

And so forth. Too bad Norwegian isn't similar enough to be hilarious in that manner ;)