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Icelanders suffer from Small Nation Complex. Meaning they kn 30 5, 5:59pm

@Karen Yes, America know that we exist. Usually they think we're the capital of Sweden.
I think I'd prefer them not to know we exist :-)

As for Leif Eriksson, I don't think he was an icelander. It would be more correct to call him a greenlander, I think.

IIRC, Erik Blodøks had to leave Norway because he was declared an outlaw. So he moved to Iceland, and settled down there. He also married an icelandic woman. Then he also became unpopular in Iceland, and had to run away again. Evidently a popular guy with good diplomatic skills.
So he went to Greenland and settled down there.

It might be that his son, Leif, was born on Iceland. But I still think it's more correct to call him a greenlander. It would however be more correct to call him an icelander than a norwegian. I will agree with that.