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Icelanders suffer from Small Nation Complex. Meaning they kn 30 5, 6:28pm

@Tjalve Haha, good point ;)

Leifr is believed to have been born in Breiðarfjörður, Iceland, probably at the farm Haukadalur. And Greenland was an Icelandic colony then anyway (but Iceland was independent from Norway)

Yeah, his father sure had a knack for getting in trouble. Still, it's not completely clear that it was his fault in Iceland, it appears to have been one of those tit-for-tat things that we had here at the time that tended to get out of hand. So out of hand in fact that in the end most people eventually welcomed Norway to rule the country, so long as they could stop all the violence ;) BTW, you'd probably be surprised at the percentage who would welcome reunification with Norway today - there's even a political movement advocating for it. Most people sort of look at Norway as our "big brother" and most everyone it seems has their own stories of times Norway or individual Norwegians were nice to us. You randomly find Icelanders who don't like Danes for one reason or another, but almost nobody here dislikes Norwegians.