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The roof is on fire, eh? 1 6, 2:57am

@Jacob How do you know that? From what source do you get that idea?

And what if I don't think it's a legal institution? When did it become a legal instiution as opposed to a religious one.


Any examples you want to provide of that?

The quote was used when the mayor of Houston (or maybe Dallas. One city or other in Texas) had a law banning hate speech that was broad enough to ban pastors from using quotes which could be interpreted as homophobic.

You had to own property because originally officeholders wouldn't get a salary to prevent corruption or political careers around making money. Democracy is when the people make decisions. If half the goddamn population was not completely apathetic to their own rights as citizens, our choice wouldn't be between these two assholes.

Jefferson included a section in the Declaration that would have refuted slavery and most of those men we hold to be our Founding Fathers wanted to include that in the Constitution which succeeded the Articles of Confederation, but were blocked. I ought to add those who blocked it were the very same ones generally advocating more power and involvement from the general populace.
"We"? I had nothing to do with Pinochet's rise. Given the age it says below your icon, I doubt you had anything to do with. No one I know or am related to had anything to with it. No one still active in the government had anything to do with it. So explain exactly how the guilt of a faction of the government now long out of power bears down on me?

Madison: It should be pointed out that handing the vote to a bunch of people who, for the most part, could not read or write was an unbelievably irresponsible thing to do.
Hamilton: Nothing he said is wrong. Whenever the whims of the populace are treated as abject moral fact shits goes wrong.

Tell me, why do you hate your own country?

You said it yourself. The working class feels fucked over. The only time anything resembling what you define as democracy has occurred is when a bunch of poor, pissed off (generally white) folks decides it's time for heads to roll. They then inevitably put a demagogue in power who makes a state worse than the one they overthrew a la EVERY SUCCESSFUL REVOLUTION IN HISTORY EXCEPT OURS.
All of those regimes were backed by a significant portion of the population. If they weren't they wouldn't have lasted. Franco...Pinochet...the Contras...all capitalized on the fact that far-left regimes don't have a goddamn idea how the people they claim to represent feel.
Demagoguery isn't the death of democracy, it's the logical conclusion.

You claim that the US is an awful nation. I say there is no nation that holds to the standard of a good nation for you to compare it too. Nothing is bad unless you can produce an example of something better.

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