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Welsh has several words for 'yes', but doesn' 1 6, 3:35pm

They say the same about Japanese, but that's wrong.

In fact, I've heard that most languages originally didn't have words for "yes" ar "no", but have also heard that the usul way was to get a "no" first, before developing a "yes", to the point that one typical division during Middle Ages Western Romance vernacular addressed which word they had developed to say "yes": the northern langues d'oïl (modern French and closely related languages; in French it has evolved to "oui"), the central langues d'oc (languages from the Occitan branch, even though Catalan has ended up changing the word they use for Spanish "si") and southern langues de si (Iberian Romance languages other than Catalan, even if Catalan currently uses this word).

I've heard that the proper way to answer before was to repeat the verb of the question in affirmative or negative form, depending on the answer.