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The roof is on fire, eh? 2 6, 9:58am

@Jacob Thing is, our Founding Fathers didn't say that. The only people at that time capable of liberating our country from British rule were the rich landholding white men. If you've done any real research into our Founding Fathers, you'll know they were incredibly progressive for their day.

All I know is the first context I heard that statement is in regards to the Houston "hate speech" legislation.

Bullshit. They feared demagoguery killing our country like it is now.

That is WHOLLY the fault of the people. We allowed the government to fall into the shithole it is and now you Jihobbyists want to see the whole thing burn rather than fix it.

He wanted to send the Blacks to Africa because he believed (not without merit) that they would never be able to prosper in an nation ruled by whites.

It's not silly. Your argument has been treating all America like anathema to democracy while simultaneously refusing to place the blame on the people who let it all go to shit.

That is YOUR interpretation. It is by no means the truest or most accurate.

You don't "dislike the US government". You show nothing but complete disgust for your own country. You show nothing but antipathy for the the Constitution, a document of unprecedented historical importance. You completely ignore the fact the US has done more good than any other force on this Earth.

Fuck you those aren't the same at all. The regimes that Pinochet and Franco overthrew were just as tyrannical and polarizing to the people they ruled. It's simply a matter of which ones survived longer.

And you say you don't hate your country. Whenever you need an example of something evil, you choose the US.
Fascism is not antithetical to progress. In the 20s and thirties fascism was seen as a more evolved for of government than democracy.
That does not dispute my point. Demagogues will inevitably take power when you give people complete control of their own destiny. As Ben Franklin said: "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch".

Nonsense. If one has never experienced a good smell one has no standpoint from which to judge what is a good smell and a bad smell.

America wearing England's shirt