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The roof is on fire, eh? 2 6, 2:59pm

@TheChief Actually, it is what some of them, like Madison who wrote the constitution said. He explicitly said the poor should be political repressed. I don't find racists who try to set up oligarchy to be terribly progressive. Founding fathers like Paine were progressive, sure, but Paine also called for suffering to women and blacks and the poor. Many of the other founding fathers, like the ones you are head over hill for, weren't. They were for mainting power among their group of elites.

No, he is clearly just talking about gay marriage in the video. Again, watch from like 3:00 to 5:00

Except it isn't. All the politicians being in the pockets of the rich is what kills the country.

No, it's the fault of the two corrupt political parties :) and sorry, but political repression based on economic status (which you are very fond of defending) isn't how you fix the problem, it's how you make it at best the same or slightly worse.

Oh my god, you are literally defending deportation based off race. And people would deny that the founding fathers have a cult of personality built around them.

Because the people who let it go to shit are corrupt politicians and the people who pay them.

I'm assuming you're talking about gay marriage again. Marriage is a legal institution, it is also a religious institution, the thing is the prior is all that matters when it comes to the law. To deny that marriage is a legal institution is just absurd cause it's a plain fact.

Are you seriously trying to insult me when in the same post you defend fascism, deportation based on race, political repression based on economic status, etc?

I dislike the U.S. government and don't worship the founding fathers. I recognize the constitution is just a legal document written by people with sketchy interests. You act as if not being blindly patriotic is a fault, when you yourself are just a false patriot. You like the parts of the nation you agree with, with the image of the founding fathers you've created in your head, with your interpretation of the constitution. Much of the things about America you like are imagined and those that aren't are only a small part compared to the ones you seemingly dislike.

I don't remember Allende killing political dissidents by the tens of thousands, or raping people with rats and dogs, or causing the disappearances of huge amounts of people, or torturing people, or... How exactly was Allende just as tyrannical as Pinochet :) please to tell, I have a sneaking suspicion you'll honestly try to compare his economic policies to literal rape via rat.

Because we are talking about the U.S., would you like me to condem other nation's who participated in imperialism? Or ...

I don't necessarily hate my country, I hate it's government, I'm indifferent to the country itself.

"Fascism is not antithetical to progress"
I don't think this even requires a serious response.

Ah yes, so now you are actually arguing for violating people's rights and liberties for their own good, something you condemned earlier on in this exchange.

They still can spot a bad smell when they find it. Knowing the comfort of a bed doesn't make torture worse. It's also funny how you'll call this nonsense rather than your silly attempt of invalidating criticism of the US. lol

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