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The roof is on fire, eh? 3 6, 8:48am

@Jacob You are so filled with contempt for your own nation of birth you're completely blind to what good was done by our Founding Fathers and our nation.

Did I say you were wrong? No. I said that I had first heard of it in the aforementioned context.

We allow this to go on. We don't challenge them, we don't try to change things. We don't stay by our ideals. We allow them to rule over us. In a nation where everyone has the vote, everyone is guilty when the system fails.

When did I defend economic repression?

I'm saying it was a reasonable point of view. Hell, they are plenty of Black people today who'd like to see a nation set aside for the Blacks.

Given the existence of taxes, that still lands the blame at our feet.

I really don't think I've said anything about gay marriage in that sentence.

You completely take what I say out of context.

"My country right or wrong. When right, to be kept right. When wrong to be kept right." I don't like all the qualities of my nation. And that's what makes me a REAL patriot. I don't put all the problems on some bullshit intelligentsia conspiracy, or put my hope in the latest progressive messiah. I know my country for what it is and hope to do my damndest to make it the paragon it was meant to be.

He tried to force the whole populace to support his idiotic marxist economic schemes that would have failed just as they always have. He set up his own downfall by expecting everyone to just go along with it.

Why do you treat our homeland like it's the paragon of all evils in this world?

And you honestly believe the shit that our government is is the fault of the government itself, not the people who mindlessly buy into the false promises of politicians instead of doing something?

Why not? What in fascism makes inherently reactionary? Fascistic nations in the Middle East are/were some of the most secular. Nazi Germany was the most scientifically advanced nation in it's day. It was one of the few EUropean countries (communist ones notwithstanding) to completely spurn nobility. And not to mention (though I already did and you specifically ignored it) that Fascism was considered the most progressive ideology in the 20s and 30s.

And how exactly did I say that?

You still never answered my question. Where do you get the standard for what a good nation is? How can you hate your own country when you have nothing to prefer over it?

America wearing England's shirt