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Fun for the whole family 4 6, 11:25am

Just to clarify... the problem in the U.S. is that our society has become so "politically correct" that mentioning of anything sexual, as well as anything (and I mean ANYTHING) that somebody might consider offensive, has become extremely improper to mention and, in some cases, have actually led to legal action. This is not exaggeration. People will bring other people to court if they *hear* something they don't like. And, sadly enough, the plaintiffs win these cases fairly often, because nobody in authority is willing to say "no", as it might further offend said person. It's social weakness like this that has become a major detriment to this country. Most people nowadays are too afraid to actually speak their mind or express themselves, because anybody in the vicinity might register a formal complaint against them. It's sad, because it wasn't like this 20 years ago. I remember the way people expressed themselves, as well as the way things were reported through the news and other media, and it was factual and to the point. Now you have to dance around every topic to cater to as many forms of sensitivity as possible.

TL;DR: You can't do or say anything in the U.S. anymore, because everyone is too damn sensitive.