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Fun for the whole family 6 6, 10:14pm

@sagas I think at some point when I wanted to refer to girls/women in an age-agnostic way I coined the term "females", not knowing that the terms "males" and "females" are used in America to compare someone with non-human animals or something. My bad, but they could have told me in a friendly way and I'd have learned from it, no need to get all hostile.
Somehow they appear to assume everything bad I can do is done on purpose, like a commenter can't make mistakes. Though I guess this might say as much about the fellow Americans they're used to as about themselves.

You kinda have a point that these Americans on the internet may not be representative for Americans in general, but I never had similar experiences on websites with mostly non-American commenter bases so it definitely raises a strong suggestion (stereotype?) about opinionated Americans. (I've also met more relaxed Americans IRL in Copenhagen and they seemed more relaxed, but also didn't seem to have strong political opinions).