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Fun for the whole family 7 6, 12:12am

Yeah just saying "females" comes off bad. Like it's the kind of thing frat douche types would say.
That one I guess counts as culture-clash.
See I think you need to understand where the people are coming from when they react.... ....BUT they also need to understand the same for you.
Explaining "Hey I'm Dutch" should elicit a "Oh sorry, got over excited there, well hey at least now you know a new thing about English!" from any reasonable person. Anyone who doesn't recognize that they have unfairly attacked you is a self-righteous idiot.

"Somehow they appear to assume everything bad I can do is done on purpose, like a commenter can't make mistakes. Though I guess this might say as much about the fellow Americans they're used to as about themselves."

Next time if one of these sorts doesn't lay off when you point out you're not a native English speaker from a different country? Call them American-centric or something, use their own weapon (accurately) against them.