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The roof is on fire, eh? 7 6, 9:43am

@Jacob Do you honestly think I'm not critical of my government? Has anything I've said about our Founding Fathers' dream been true about our modern America? FUCK NO. That doesn't mean I condemn the whole venture out of hand as being as a failure.

I'm putting the blame where it belongs. In a state where everyone has the vote everyone shares the guilt. People sided with Bernie until it seemed like someone who meant to do something would actually make it into the White House, at which point they fled back to Hillary who'll shield them from any manner of responsibility in their own fates.

Their reasons were valid. I'm not saying we ought to deny the poor their vote, but I'm not saying we ought to allow people the vote regardless of their intellect or similar status.

EVERYONE thought Blacks were inferior. MOST BLACKS back then thought themselves inferior. His opinion about allowing Blacks to prosper away from European civilization was an unusually compassionate view.

Did you really ignore everything I said after that one phrase? The fact that it specifically CONDEMNS the sentiment that phrase seems to advocate.

You're not just critical of our government. You're critical of the IDEA of America. You have an unbelievably ignorant conception of our Founding Fathers. You condemn America evil deeds while ignoring all our good deeds. Not only that, you compeltely ignore the fact America is the best country in the world, if only by virtue of the fact that the rest suck more. As far as morals go, we're closest to being in the clear.
No, I'd be more offended by your economic status. It wasn't your ancestors hung for union organizing, nor shot in the police strikes, nor choking to death on fumes in coal mines. There's no wall in your home with the names of those who died for this country in every conflict since the 1820s. You can easily disparage the American Dream and it's progenitors because you have not use for it. You have nothing to aspire to, no struggles to overcome. We, the blue collar, the proletariat, the backbone of America, are those who truly understand this country because unlike you, we need this country.

So everything evil is by definition reactionary? -_-

I'm saying giving unstructured authority to the people will end badly. Unstructured power given to ANYONE will end badly.

Your vision is unrealistic and therefore useless. Without any idea of what is possible it can be assumed anything you say is impossible. "Every shadow needs the Sun"-GK Chesterton.

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